5 July 2016

Mobile Marketing Predictions for 2018

5 July 2016,

Since it’s been “the year of mobile” for quite a few years now, it only makes sense that mobile ad spend would outpace desktop. But […]

27 June 2016

The Most Popular Apps in the World (As of May 2016)

27 June 2016,

Smartphone users in the United States spend more time using apps than ever before. On average, they spend more than 40 hours a month […]

22 June 2016

Instagram’s launches new analytics tool for advertisers

22 June 2016,

It looks like a missing piece of the Instagram pie is finally coming to the social media platform. The new analytics tool will provide some pretty detailed […]

19 June 2016

The Top Social Networks Advertisers Rely On

19 June 2016,

When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook is by far the most popular network of choice. Behind the market leader however, things are […]

16 June 2016

No More Flash Based Ads or Websites on Google

16 June 2016,

STOP USING FLASH BASED WEBSITES: For years, I have been telling clients that Flash-based websites like Wix.com are TERRIBLE for your search engine marketing […]