22 June 2016
22 June 2016,

It looks like a missing piece of the Instagram pie is finally coming to the social media platform. The new analytics tool will provide some pretty detailed information, really arming marketers and other data junkies with information about their followers and posts.

  1. Follower data will include age distribution, geographic distribution, gender distribution and follower activity by hour, among other data.
  2. Top posts will display all images posted within a specified period (seven or 30 days) sorted by impressions.

Here’s a look at what’s coming:


The new analytics tool should answer these various needs of marketers, such as:

  • What are the best times to post to my followers for top engagement rates?
  • Who is engaging with my content?
  • Are visitors engaging with my business profiles?
  • When did my content generate the most impressions and engagements?
  • Are Instagram followers engaging with older posts?


With the data at a marketer’s fingertips, they’re no longer going to be blind to how well their content is performing. And that’s a good thing. If Instagram is pulling the demographic data from Facebook, they are painting the most accurate picture on engagement that there could possibly be, and that helps businesses tremendously in creating the best campaigns they can.


Make sure your marketing director is ready to start taking advantage of this brand new tool!


If you need help understanding how to process this information, please contact me at info@wamstrategies.com. My company, WAM Strategies, would love to help you take your social media marketing efforts to the next level.

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